The Chef Le Bec

Asia, a childhood dream

Nicolas Le Bec, recognized French cook, with a taste for adventure, globe trotter, in quest for taste and pleasure, and to share his knowledge and passion to all the countries, ages, for all the tastes and every day.
His goal is to discover and develop the world flavours with emotion and freedom, while remaining true to the traditions and his gift for imagination.
After a childhood where his curiosity led him to walk in different Chinatowns all around the world, Paris, New York, London, Sydney, in order to discover a new culture, he decides for his 40 years old to offer himself a childhood dream. And to leave with his luggage in Asia, in China and particulary in Shanghai, the choice from his heart, to create his new culinary landscape, under the name of Villa Le Bec.

Chef Lebec biography

Over 25 years of career

Paris Hotel hospitality school from 13 to 16 years old, the beginning of a professional hyper activity that will make him meet the great French Chefs and Entrepreneurs. Originally a Baker, his instinct led him to become a cook, with a reputation for being a “kitchen pirate”. “Greedy dreamer”, “The Kitchen Star”, “The Mozart of the Cuisine”, “The Conqueror”, “The Free Atom”… Many terms that have been used in the past to describe the character Le Bec.

Nicolas Le Bec was first attracted by New York, at 17 years old he left with his knifes, and felt in love with the culinary escapes in big cities… After 25 years of carreer and adventure, he finally landed in Shanghai, searching for a fresh start, experiences and emotions.